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> Chapter 34 - VoIP Solutions: SIP > SIP and HA–session failover and geographic redundancy > Supporting geographic redundancy when blocking OPTIONS messages

Supporting geographic redundancy when blocking OPTIONS messages

For some geographic redundant SIP configurations, the SIP servers may use SIP OPTIONS messages as heartbeats to notify the FortiGate that they are still operating (or alive). This is a kind of passive SIP monitoring mechanism where the FortiGate isn’t actively monitoring the SIP servers and instead the FortiGate passively receives and analyzes OPTIONS messages from the SIP servers.

If FortiGates block SIP OPTIONS messages because block-options is enabled, the configuration may fail to operate correctly because the OPTIONS messages are blocked by one or more FortiGates.

However, you can work around this problem by enabling the block-geo-red-options application control list option. This option causes the FortiGate to refresh the local SIP server status when it receives an OPTIONS message before dropping the message. The end result is the heartbeat signals between geographically redundant SIP servers are maintained but OPTIONS messages do not pass through the FortiGate.

Use the following command to block OPTIONS messages while still supporting geographic redundancy:

config voip profile

edit VoIP_Pro_Name

config sip

set block-options disable

set block-geo-red-options enable



note icon The block-options option setting overrides the block-geo-red-options option. If block-options is enabled the FortiGate only blocks SIP OPTIONS messages and does not refresh local SIP server status.