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SIP debug setting

Control of the SIP debug output is governed by the following command

diagnose debug application sip <debug_level_int>

Where the <debug_level_int> is a bitmask and the individual values determine whether the listed items are logged or not. The <debug_level_int> can be:

1 Configuration changes, mainly addition/deletion/modification of virtual domains.
2 TCP connection accepts or connects, redirect creation.
4 Create or delete a session.
16 Any IO read or write.
32 An ASCII dump of all data read or written.
64 Include HEX dump in the above output.
128 Any activity related to the use of the FortiCarrier dynamic profile feature to determine the correct profile-group to use.
256 Log summary of interesting fields in a SIP call.
1024 Any activity related to SIP geo-redundancy.
2048 Any activity related to HA syncing of SIP calls.