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Hosted NAT traversal for calls between SIP Phone A and SIP Phone C

The following address translation takes place to allow a SIP call from SIP Phone A to SIP Phone C in the previous diagram.

  1. SIP Phone A sends a SIP Invite message to the SIP server. Packet source IP address: and destination IP address:
  2. The SIP packets are received by the NAT device which translates the source address of the SIP packets from to
  3. The SIP packets are received by the FortiGate which translates the packet destination IP address to 10.30 120.20. The SIP ALG also translates the IP address of the SIP phone in the SIP header and SDP lines from to
  4. The SIP server accepts the Invite message and forwards it to SIP Phone C at IP address The SIP server has this address for SIP Phone C because SIP packets from SIP Phone C have also been translated using the hosted NAT traversal configuration of the SIP ALG.
  5. When the SIP call is established, the RTP session is between and The packets pass through the FortiGate which performs NAT as required.