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VDOM admin having problems gaining access

With VDOMs configured, administrators have an extra layer of permissions and may have problems accessing their information.

Confirm the admin’s VDOM

Each administrator account, other than the super_admin account, is tied to one specific VDOM. That administrator is not able to access any other VDOM. It may be possible they are trying to access the wrong VDOM.

Confirm the VDOM’s interfaces

An administrator can only access their VDOM through interfaces that are assigned to that VDOM. If interfaces on that VDOM are disabled or unavailable there will be no method of accessing that VDOM by its local administrator. The super_admin will be required to either bring up the interfaces, fix the interfaces, or move another interface to that VDOM to restore access.

Confirm the VDOMs admin access

As with all FortiGate units, administration access on the VDOM’s interfaces must be enabled for that VDOM’s administrators to gain access. For example if SSH is not enabled, that is not available to administrators.

To enable admin access, the super_admin will go to the Global > Network > Interfaces page, and for the interface in question enable the admin access.