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Inter-VDOM links between NAT/Route and Transparent VDOMs

Inter-VDOM links between NAT/Route and Transparent mode VDOMS can be useful for configurations where the NAT/Route VDOMs that share a common Internet service route, which can be routed through a Transparent VDOM that provides additional functionality, like common Security inspection, WAN optimization, explicit proxying and so on.

Other examples include:

  • Performing SSL offloading in the Transparent mode VDOM and providing Internet access through a NAT/Route mode VDOM.
  • Applying WAN optimization in a Transparent mode VDOM and other security features in the NAT/Route mode VDOM.
  • Using a dedicated Transparent mode VDOM for the explicit web proxy in front of a NAT/Route mode VDOM that applies other security features.
  • An ISP configuration with multiple per-tenant NAT/Route mode VDOMs all sharing a single Internet connection but where the ISP only presents a single routed subnet. Each tenant can then be assigned an IP from the subnet for their respective VDOM link interface while using a single physical port to connect to the ISP router.

For more information about inter-VDOM links, please refer to the Virtual Domains handbook.