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Transparent Mode Features

Different FortiOS features are available depending on whether your FortiGate is in Transparent or NAT/Route mode. The following table shows which features are available for each mode.

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For a FortiGate in Transparent mode, the maximum number of Interfaces per VDOM is 254. This value includes both physical and virtual interfaces.

For any other maximum values, please consult the Maximum Values Table, available at

Feature/capability NAT Transparent Comment
Unicast Routing / Policy
Based routing
VIP / IP pools / NAT YES YES Configurable from CLI only in transparent mode
Multicast routing YES NO - Options available to forward multicast packets  
L2 forwarding NO YES In Transparent mode, other frames than IP can be forwarded but with no UTM processing.
Firewall (packet filtering / NAT / Authentication) YES YES  
IPv6 capable YES YES  
Traffic shaping - TOS classification YES YES  
Hardware acceleration YES YES  
All Security profile features (ex IPS, Application Control, Web Filter, etc ...) YES YES  
Cooperative Security Fabric YES YES  
FortiView YES YES  
IPsec gateway YES YES - Policy based mode only  
SSL gateway YES NO  
High-Availability (HA) - Virtual Cluster YES YES  
802.3ad (LACP / port aggregation) YES YES  
HA port redundancy YES YES FortiGate hardware dependent
802.1q - VLAN trunking YES YES  
802.1d - Spanning Tree NO NO - option to forward BPDUs  
Logging and reporting (disk and memory logging, FortiCloud, syslog, and FortiAnalyzer) YES YES  
Managed by FortiManager YES YES