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Viewing the session helper configuration

You can view the session helpers enabled on your FortiGate unit in the CLI using the commands below. The following output shows the first two session helpers. The number of session helpers can vary to around 20.

show system session-helper

config system session-helper

edit 1

set name pptp

set port 1723

set protocol 6


set name h323

set port 1720

set protocol 6





The configuration for each session helper includes the name of the session helper and the port and protocol number on which the session helper listens for sessions. Session helpers listed on protocol number 6 (TCP) or 17 (UDP). For a complete list of protocol numbers see Assigned Internet Protocol Numbers.

For example, the output above shows that FortiOS listens for PPTP packets on TCP port 1723 and H.323 packets on port TCP port 1720.

If a session helper listens on more than one port or protocol the more than one entry for the session helper appears in the config system session-helper list. For example, the pmap session helper appears twice because it listens on TCP port 111 and UDP port 111. The rsh session helper appears twice because it listens on TCP ports 514 and 512.