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> Chapter 28 - System Administration > Central management > Configuration updates through FortiManager

FortiManager configuration

Once the connection between the FortiGate unit and the FortiManager unit has been configured, you can add the FortiGate to the Device Manager in the FortiManager unit’s web-based manager. For details on completing the configuration, see the FortiManager Administration Guide.

Configuration updates through FortiManager

With the FortiManager system, you can monitor and configure multiple FortiGate units from one location. Using the FortiManager’s Device Manager, you can view the FortiGate units and make the usual configuration updates and changes, without having to log in and out of multiple FortiGate units.

FortiManager enables you to complete the configuration, by going to the Device Manager, selecting the FortiGate unit and using the same menu structure and pages as you would see in the FortiGate web-based manager. All changes to the FortiGate configuration are stored locally on the FortiManager unit until you synchronize with the FortiGate unit.

When a FortiGate unit is under control of a FortiManager system, administrators will not be able to change the configuration using the FortiGate. When trying to change options, the unit displays a message that it is configured through FortiManager, and any changes may be reverted.