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FortiManager can also connect to the FortiGuard Distribution Network (FDN) to receive push updates for IPS signatures and antivirus definitions. These updates can then be used to update multiple FortiGate units throughout an organization. By using the FortiManager as the host for updates, bandwidth use is minimized as updates are downloaded to one source instead of many.

To receive IPS and antivirus updates from FortiManager, indicate an alternate IP address on the FortiGate unit.

To configure updates from FortiManager
  1. Go to System > FortiGuard.
  2. Under AntiVirus and IPS Updates, enable both Accept push updates and Use override push.
  3. Enter the IP address of the FortiManager unit.
  4. Select Apply.

The central management FortiGuard server list can include FQDNs (354449)

This feature, introduced in FortiOS 5.4.0, implements support of FQDN, to make it an option for central-management server-list. This feature can be set through the GUI and the CLI.

GUI Changes

On System > FortiGuard > Override FortiGuard Servers > Create New / Edit, a new option, FQDN is added for Address Type.

CLI Changes

config server-list

edit 1

set server-type {update|rating}

set addr-type {ipv4|ipv6|fqdn} <== added fqdn

set server-address ipv4

set server-address6 ipv6

set fqdn FQDN <== added