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Adding a FortiGate to FortiManager

Before you can maintain a FortiGate unit using a FortiManager unit, you need to add it to the FortiManager. This requires configuration on both the FortiGate and FortiManager. This section describes the basics to configure management using a FortiManager device. For more information on the interaction of FortiManager with the FortiGate unit, see the FortiManager documentation.

FortiGate configuration

These steps ensure that the FortiGate unit will be able to receive updated antivirus and IPS updates and allow remote management through the FortiManager system or FortiCloud service. You can add a FortiGate unit whether it is running in either NAT mode or transparent mode. The FortiManager appliance provides remote management of a FortiGate unit over TCP port 541.

If you have not already done so, register the FortiGate unit by visiting and select Product Registration. By registering your unit, you will receive updates to the FortiGuard services and will also ensure your access to technical support.

You must enable the FortiGate management option so the FortiGate unit can accept management updates to firmware and FortiGuard services.

To configure the FortiGate unit - GUI
  1. Log in to the FortiGate unit.
  2. Go to System > Settings.
  3. Under Central Management, select FortiManager.
  4. Enter the IP address of the FortiManager unit.
  5. Select Apply.

The FortiManager ID now appears in the Trusted FortiManager table.

As an additional security measure, you can also select Registration Password and enter a password to connect to the FortiManager.

To configure the FortiGate unit - CLI

config system central-management

set type fortimanager

set fmg <ip_address>



To use the registration password, enter:

execute central-mgmt register-device <fmg-serial-no><fmg-register-password><fgt-usrname><fgt-password>

Configuring an SSL connection

An SSL connection can be configured between the two devices and an encryption level selected. Use the following CLI commands in the FortiGate CLI to configure the connection:

config system central-management

set status enable

set enc-algorithm {default* | high | low}



The default encryption automatically sets high and medium encryption algorithms. Algorithms used for high, medium, and low follows openssl definitions:

  • High - Key lengths larger than 128 bits, and some cipher suites with 128-bit keys.


  • Medium - Key strengths of 128 bit encryption.

Algorithms are: RC4-SHA:RC4-MD5:RC4-MD

  • Low - Key strengths of 64 or 56 bit encryption algorithms but excluding export cipher suites