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> Chapter 24 - Security Fabric > Overview > Communication Between Devices

Communication Between Devices

There are two main ways that devices within a security fabric communicate with each other: FortiTelemetry and Routing using OSPF.


FortiTelemetry is a protocol, similar to the FGCP HA heartbeat, used for communication between the Fortinet products in the security fabric. FortiTelemetry connects devices in a security fabric allowing dynamic status updates between these devices. FortiTelemetry also supports FortiClient On-Net functionality, and monitors and enforces FortiClient protection on user endpoints devices on the network.

FortiTelemetry must be enabled on interfaces that connect Fortinet devices in the security fabric.

Routing using OSPF

Dynamic routing, most often using OSPF, is recommended for allowing communication among all of the devices in a security fabric. OSPF can be set up relatively easily on all of the FortiGate units in the security fabric from the FortiGate GUI. Since FortiOS fully supports OSPF, no additional routers are required.

For an example OSPF setup for an example security fabric, see Installing internal FortiGates and enabling a security fabric.