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> Chapter 24 - Security Fabric > Overview > What is a Security Fabric?

What is a Security Fabric?

A Security Fabric uses FortiTelemetry to link different security sensors and tools together to collect, coordinate, and respond to malicious behavior anywhere it occurs on your network in real time.

The core of a security fabric is an upstream FortiGate located at the edge of the network, with several internal FortiGates functioning as Internet Segmentation Firewalls (ISFWs). A security fabric can be used to coordinate the behavior of other Fortinet products in your network, including FortiAnalyzer, FortiManager, FortiClient, FortiClient EMS, FortiWeb, FortiSwitch, and FortiAP.

A security fabric ties your network together data to provide visibility and control. The Fortinet Security fabric covers:

  • Endpoint client security
  • Secure wired, wireless, and VPN access
  • Network security
  • Data center security (physical and virtual)
  • Application (OTS and custom) security
  • Cloud security
  • Content (email and web) security
  • Infrastructure (switching and routing) security
note icon Multiple VDOM support is disabled when security fabric is enabled.