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Sandbox Inspection FAQ

The following are some frequently asked questions about using sandbox inspection with FortiSandbox and FortiGate.


Why is the FortiSandbox Cloud option not available when sandbox inspection is enabled?

This option is only available if you have already created a FortiCloud account. For more information, see the FortiCloud documentation.

Why don't results from FortiSandbox Cloud appear in the FortiGate GUI?

Go to Log & Report > Log Settings and make sure Send Logs to FortiCloud is enabled and GUI Preferences is set to Display Logs from FortiCloud.

Why are the FortiSandbox Appliance VMs inactive?

Make sure that port 3 on the FortiSandbox has an active Internet connection. This is required in order to active the FortiSandbox VMs.

Why aren't files are being scanned by FortiSandbox?

Make sure an AntiVirus profile that sends files to FortiSandbox is enabled for all policies that require sandbox inspection.