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Configuring FortiGate multicast forwarding

You configure FortiGate multicast forwarding from the Command Line Interface (CLI). Two steps are required:

  • Adding multicast security policies
  • Enabling multicast forwarding
    This second step is only required if your FortiGate unit is operating in NAT mode. If your FortiGate unit is operating in transparent mode, adding a multicast policy enables multicast forwarding.
caution icon There is sometimes a confusion between the terms “forwarding” and “routing”. These two functions should not be taking place at the same time.

It is mentioned that multicast-forward should be enabled when the FortiGate unit is in NAT mode and that this will forward any multicast packet to all interfaces. However, this parameter should NOT be enabled when the FortiGate unit operates as a multicast router (i.e. with a routing protocol enabled. It should only be enabled when there is no routing protocols activated.