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The list of supported modems below depends on the modem database version and not on the version of FortiOS. You can also find the list in the FortiOS web-based interface.

To find the modem list (FortiOS 5.2) - web-based manager:

  1. Go to System > Network > Modem and under External Modem select [Configure Modem].
  2. Click the Update Now button to get the latest version of the Supported FortiGate Modems list.
  1. Verify that the version number has updated, and select a list to open it.

The modems are listed in alphabetical order.

note icon Note : In FortiOS 5.4, go to Network > Modem or Network > FortiExtender.


Vendor Model Network
AirPrime 5220 3G
Alcatel HSPA Data Card 3G
Alcatel x230M 3G
Audiovox PC5740 3G
Cmotech CNU680 3G
D-Link DWM-156 3G
D-Link DWM-221 3G
Dell 5500 3G
Emobile D11LC 3G
Emobile ST Mobile 3G
Franklin S600C 3G
Huawei E126 3G
Huawei E169 3G
Huawei E1692/E303H 3G
Huawei E173 3G
Huawei E180/E220/E3735 3G
Huawei E220/E3735 3G
Huawei E353 3G
Huawei E372 3G
Huawei E392 3G
Huawei E392/E397/E398 3G
Huawei E392/E397/E353/E3276 3G
Huawei E398 3G
Huawei E600/E169 3G
Huawei E3276 4G
Huawei K3715 3G
Huawei K3765 3G
Huawei K3770 3G
Huawei K3773 3G
Huawei K3773/E3131 3G
Huawei K3806 3G
Huawei K4201 4G
Huawei K4505 3G
Huawei K4511 3G
Kyocera KPC650/Passport 3G
LG L-02C 3G
LG L-03D 3G
Maxon USB3-8521 3G
MobiData MBD-200HU 3G
Novatel ExpressCard34 Qualcomm 3G CDMA 3G
Novatel MC679 3G
Novatel MC990D 3G
Novatel Merlin EX720 3G
Novatel Merlin S620 3G
Novatel Merlin S720 3G
Novatel Merlin X950D 3G
Novatel Merlin XU870 3G
Novatel Ovation MC950D 3G
Novatel Ovation MC998D 3G
Novatel Ovation U720 3G
Novatel Ovation U727 3G
Novatel U760 3G
Novatel U998 3G
Option GI1505 3G
Option GI332 3G
Option iCON 225 HSDPA 3G
Option N.V. Globetrotter Fusion Quad Lite 3G
Option N.V. Globetrotter HSDPA Modem 3G
Pantech PX-500 3G
Pantech UM190 3G
Pantech UML290 3G
Quanta MU-Q101 3G
Sierra 250U 3G
Sierra 597 3G
Sierra 598U 3G
Sierra AC312U/AC503/USB306/USB308 3G
Sierra AC313U 4G
Sierra AC320U 3G
Sierra AC330U 3G
Sierra AC340U 3G
Sierra AC501/880E 3G
Sierra AirCard 580 3G
Sierra AirCard 595 3G
Sierra AirCard 595U 3G
Sierra AirCard 875 3G
Sierra C885 3G
Sierra EM5625 3G
Sierra MC5720 3G
Sierra MC5728 3G
Sierra UC881 3G
Sprint U300 3G
Teracom LW273 3G
ZTE AC2736 3G
ZTE MF180 3G
ZTE MF190 3G
ZTE MF626 3G
ZTE MF637 3G
ZTE MF668 3G
ZTE MF680 3G
ZTE MF683 3G
ZTE MF691 3G
ZTE MF820 3G
ZTE MF821 3G

This table is a work-in-progress. Please contact if you have suggestions for improvements.