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If the FortiGate does not establish the Fortilink connection with the switch, perform the following troubleshooting checks.

Troubleshooting FortiLink Issues

Check the FortiGate configuration


Using the FortiGate GUI, check the FortiLink interface configuration:

  1. In NetworkInterfaces, double-click the interface used for FortiLink.
  2. Ensure that Dedicated to Extension Device is set for this interface.


Using the FortiGate CLI, Verify that you have configured the DHCP and NTP settings correctly. Enter the following commands:

  1. Verify that the NTP server is enabled, and the Fortilink interface has been added to the list:


    show system ntp


  2. Ensure that the DHCP server on the Fortilink interface is configured correctly:


    show system dhcp

Check the FortiSwitch configuration

Use the following FortiSwitch CLI commands to check the FortiSwitch configuration:

  1. Verify that the switch system time matches the time on the FortiGate:


    get system status


  2. Verify that FortiGate has sent an IP address to the FortiSwitch.
    Typically, the IP address will be in the range of 169.254.x.x:


    get system interfaces

  3. Verify that you can ping the FortiGate IP address:


    exec ping x.x.x.x