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Separate virtual-server client and server TLS version and cipher configuration

In previous versions of FortiOS you can configure minimum and maximum SSL/TLS versions that a virtual server will accept. Those versions primarily applied to the client to FortiGate connection; but, they are also applied to the FortiGate to server connection. In some cases you may want the to use different versions of SSL or TLS on the client to FortiGate connection than on the FortiGate to server connection. For example, you may want to use the FortiGate to protect a legacy SSL 3.0 or TLS 1.0 server while making sure that client to FortiGate connections must always use the higher level of protection offered by TLS 1.1 or greater.

Similarly in previous versions of FortiOS you could control the cypher suites that can be used by the FortiGate to negotiate with the client and with the server. But you could only configure the same configuration for both client and server connections. Also, in some cases you might want to protect a server that only has weak ciphers (for example, DES or RC4) while making sure that all connections between the FortiGate and the client use a strong cipher for better protection.

The following new options are available when configuring server load balancing for HTTPS sessions configured with the following command:

config firewall vip

edit server-name

set type server-load-balance

set server-type https

set ssl-mode full