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LACP, 802.3ad aggregation and third-party switches

If a cluster contains 802.3ad aggregated interfaces you should connect the cluster to switches that support configuring multiple Link Aggregation (LAG) groups.

The primary and subordinate unit interfaces have the same MAC address, so if you cannot configure multiple LAG groups a switch may place all interfaces with the same MAC address into the same LAG group; disrupting the operation of the cluster.

You can change the FortiGate configuration to prevent subordinate units from participating in LACP negotiation. For example, use the following command to do this for an aggregate interface named Port1_Port2:

config system interface

edit Port1_Port2

set lacp-ha-slave disable


This configuration prevents the subordinate unit interfaces from sending or receiving packets. Resulting in the cluster not being able to operate in active-active mode. As well, failover may be slower because after a failover the new primary unit has to perform LACP negotiation before being able to process network traffic.

For more information, see FGCP HA with 802.3ad aggregated interfaces.