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Notes and limitations

FGSP HA has the following limitations:

  • The FGSP is a global configuration option. As a result you can only add one service to a filter configuration. You cannot add custom services or service groups even if virtual domains are not enabled.
  • You can only add one filter configuration to a given FGSP configuration. However, you can add multiple filters by adding multiple identical FGSP configurations, each one with a different filter configuration.
  • Sessions accepted by security policies with security profiles configured are not synchronized.
  • FGSP HA is configured from the CLI.
  • FGSP HA is available for FortiGates or virtual domains operating in NAT/Route or Transparent mode. NAT sessions are not synchronized in either mode (unless NAT synchronization is enabled as described in Synchronizing NAT sessions). In NAT/Route mode, only sessions for route mode security policies are synchronized. In Transparent mode, only sessions for normal Transparent mode policies are synchronized.
  • FGSP HA is supported for traffic on physical interfaces, VLAN interfaces, zones, aggregate interfaces, and NPx (NP4, NP6 etc.) accelerated interfaces. The FGSP has not been tested for inter-vdom links, between HA clusters, and for redundant interfaces.
  • The names of the matching interfaces, including VLAN interfaces, aggregate interfaces and so on, must be the same on both peers.
  • An FGSP cluster can include from 2 to 16 FortiGates. Adding more FortiGates increases the CPU and memory required to keep all of the FortiGates synchronized.