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Verifying FGSP configuration and synchronization

You can use the following diagnose commands to verify that the FGSP and its synchronization functions are operating correctly.

FGSP configuration summary and status

Enter the following command to display a summary of the FGSP configuration and synchronization status:

diagnose sys session sync

sync_ctx: sync_started=1, sync_tcp=1, sync_others=1,

sync_expectation=1, sync_redir=0, sync_nat=1, stdalone_sessync=0.

sync: create=12:0, update=0, delete=0:0, query=14

recv: create=14:0, update=0, delete=0:0, query=12

ses pkts: send=0, alloc_fail=0, recv=0, recv_err=0 sz_err=0

nCfg_sess_sync_num=5, mtu=16000


1: vd=0, szone=0, dzone=0, saddr=, daddr=,


sync_started=1 shows that synchronization is working. If this is set to 0 then something is not correct with session synchronization and synchronization has not been able to start because of it.

sync_tcp=1, sync_others=1, sync_expectation=1, and sync_nat=1 show that the FGSP has been configured to synchronize TCP, connectionless, asymmetric, and NAT sessions.

sync: create=12:0 and recv: create=14:0 show that this FortiGate has synchronized 12 sessions to its peer and has received 14 sessions from its peer.

sync_filter shows the configured FGSP filter. In this case no filter has been created so all sessions are synchronized.

vd=0 indicates that root VDOM sessions are synchronized.

Verifying that sessions are synchronized

Enter the command diagnose sys session list to display information about the sessions being processed by the FortiGate. In the command output look for sessions that should be synchronized and make sure they contain output lines that include synced for example, state=log may_dirty ndr synced) to confirm that they are being synchronized by the FGSP.

diagnose sys session list

session info: proto=6 proto_state=05 duration=469 expire=0 timeout=3600

flags=00000000 sockflag=00000000 sockport=21 av_idx=0 use=4




ha_id=0 policy_dir=0 tunnel=/

state=log may_dirty ndr synced

statistic(bytes/packets/allow_err): org=544/9/1 reply=621/7/0 tuples=2

orgin->sink: org pre->post, reply pre->post dev=46->45/45->46


hook=pre dir=org act=noop>

hook=post dir=reply act=noop>

pos/(before,after) 0/(0,0), 0/(0,0)

misc=0 policy_id=1 id_policy_id=0 auth_info=0 chk_client_info=0 vd=0

serial=00002deb tos=ff/ff ips_view=1 app_list=2000 app=16427

dd_type=0 dd_mode=0

per_ip_bandwidth meter: addr=, bps=633