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Cluster members list

To display the cluster members list, go to System > HA.

The cluster members list displays illustrations of the front panels of the cluster units. If the network jack for an interface is shaded green, the interface is connected. Hover the mouse pointer over each illustration to view the cluster unit host name, serial number, and how long the unit has been operating (up time). The list of monitored interfaces is also displayed.

From the cluster members list you can:

  • View HA statistics.
  • Use the up and down arrows to change the order in which cluster units are listed.
  • See the host name of each cluster unit. To change the primary unit host name, go to the system dashboard and select Change beside the current host name in the System Information widget. To view and change a subordinate unit host name, from the cluster members list select the edit icon for a subordinate unit.
  • View the status or role of each cluster unit.
  • View and optionally change the HA configuration of the operating cluster.
  • View and optionally change the host name and device priority of a subordinate unit.
  • Disconnect a cluster unit from a cluster.
  • Download the Debug log for any cluster unit. You can send this debug log file to Fortinet Technical Support to help diagnose problems with the cluster or with individual cluster units.