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Troubleshooting full mesh HA

Troubleshooting full mesh HA clusters is similar to troubleshooting any cluster (see FGCP configuration examples and troubleshooting or Virtual clusters). The configuration and operation of a full mesh HA cluster is very similar to the configuration and operation of a standard cluster. The only differences relate to the configuration, connection, and operation of the redundant interfaces and redundant switches.

  • Make sure the redundant interfaces and switches are connected correctly. With so many connections it is possible to make mistakes or for cables to become disconnected.
  • Confirm that the configuration of the cluster unit 802.3ad Aggregate or Redundant interfaces is correct according to the configuration procedures in this chapter.
  • In some configurations with some switch hardware, MAC-learning delays on the inter-switch links on the surrounding topologies may occur. The delays occur if the gratuitous ARP packets sent by the cluster after a failover are delayed by the switches before being sent across the inter-switch link. If this happens the surrounding topologies may be delayed in recognizing the failover and will keep sending packets to the MAC address of the failed primary unit resulting in lost traffic. Resolving this problem may require changing the configuration of the switch or replacing them with switch hardware that does not delay the gratuitous ARP packets.