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WAN optimization and HA

You can configure WAN optimization on a FortiGate HA cluster. The recommended HA configuration for WAN optimization is active-passive mode. Also, when the cluster is operating, all WAN optimization sessions are processed by the primary unit only. Even if the cluster is operating in active-active mode, HA does not load-balance WAN optimization sessions. HA also does not support WAN optimization session failover.

In a cluster, the primary unit only stores web cache and byte cache databases. These databases are not synchronized to the subordinate units. So, after a failover, the new primary unit must rebuild its web and byte caches. As well, the new primary unit cannot connect to a SAS partition that the failed primary unit used.

Rebuilding the byte caches can happen relatively quickly because the new primary unit gets byte cache data from the other FortiGates that it is participating with in WAN optimization tunnels.