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Enabling session-pickup for TCP, UDP and ICMP session failover

To enable session-pickup, go to System > HA and enable session-pickup.

From the CLI enter:

config system ha

set session-pickup enable


When session-pickup is enabled, the FGCP synchronizes the primary unit's TCP session table to all cluster units. As soon as a new TCP session is added to the primary unit session table, that session is synchronized to all cluster units. This synchronization happens as quickly as possible to keep the session tables synchronized.

If the primary unit fails, the new primary unit uses its synchronized session table to resume all TCP sessions that were being processed by the former primary unit with only minimal interruption. Under ideal conditions all TCP sessions should be resumed. This is not guaranteed though and under less than ideal conditions some TCP sessions may need to be restarted.

If session pickup is enabled, you can use the following command to also enable UDP and ICMP session failover:

config system ha

set session-pickup-connectionless enable


note icon Session pickup does not support multicast session failover.