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> Chapter 14 - Hardware Acceleration > FortiGate NP6lite architectures > FortiGate-200E fast path architecture

FortiGate-200E and 201E fast path architecture

The FortiGate-200E and 201E include two NP6lite processors. Because of this model does not include a switch fabric, you cannot create Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs) between interfaces connected to different NP6lites. As well traffic will only be offloaded if it enters and exits the FortiGate on interfaces connected to the same NP6lite.

The NP6lites are connected to network interfaces as follows:

  • NP6lite_0 is connected to six 1GE RJ-45 interfaces (port9-port14) and four 1GE SFP interfaces (port15-18).
  • NP6lite_1 is connected to Eight 1GE RJ45 interfaces (wan1, wan2, port1-port6).

The following diagram also shows the RGMII and QSGMII port connections between the NP6lite processors and the front panel interfaces.

You can use the following get command to display the FortiGate-200E or 201E NP6lite configuration. You can also use the diagnose npu np6lite port-list command to display this information.

get hardware npu np6lite port-list 
Chip   XAUI Ports            Max   Cross-chip 
                             Speed offloading 
------ ---- -------          ----- ---------- 
       2    port9            1000M          NO
       1    port10           1000M          NO
       4    port11           1000M          NO
       3    port12           1000M          NO
       6    port13           1000M          NO
       5    port14           1000M          NO
       9    port15           1000M          NO
       10   port16           1000M          NO
       8    port17           1000M          NO
       7    port18           1000M          NO
       2    wan1             1000M          NO
       1    wan2             1000M          NO
       4    port1            1000M          NO
       3    port2            1000M          NO
       6    port3            1000M          NO
       5    port4            1000M          NO
       8    port5            1000M          NO
       7    port6            1000M          NO
       10   port7            1000M          NO
       9    port8            1000M          NO