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FortiGate-3810D fast path architecture

The FortiGate-3810D features six front panel 100GigE CFP2 interfaces connected to eight NP6 processors through an Integrated Switch Fabric (ISF). Individual interfaces are not mapped to NP6 processors because of the integrated switch fabric. No special mapping is required for fastpath offloading or aggregate interfaces.

You can use the following get command to display the FortiGate-3810D NP6 configuration. The command output shows all NP6s connected to each interface (port) with cross-chip offloading supported for each port. You can also use the diagnose npu np6 port-list command to display this information.

get hardware npu np6 port-list 
Chip   XAUI Ports   Max     Cross-chip 
                    Speed   offloading 
------ ---- ------- ------  ---------- 
all    0-3  port1   100000M Yes        
all    0-3  port2   100000M Yes        
all    0-3  port3   100000M Yes        
all    0-3  port4   100000M Yes        
all    0-3  port5   100000M Yes        
all    0-3  port6   100000M Yes        
------ ---- ------- ------  ----------