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FortiGate-3100D fast path architecture

The FortiGate-3100D features 32 SFP+ 10Gb interfaces connected to two NP6 processors through an Integrated Switch Fabirc (ISF). The FortiGate-3100D has the following fastpath architecture:

  • 16 SFP+ 10Gb interfaces, port1 through port16 share connections to the first NP6 processor (np6_0).
  • 16 SFP+ 10Gb interfaces, port27 through port32 share connections to the second NP6 processor (np6_1).

You can use the following get command to display the FortiGate-3100D NP6 configuration. The command output shows two NP6s named NP6_0 and NP6_1 and the interfaces (ports) connected to each NP6. You can also use the diagnose npu np6 port-list command to display this information.

get hardware npu np6 port-list 
Chip   XAUI Ports   Max   Cross-chip 
                    Speed offloading 
------ ---- ------- ----- ---------- 
np6_0  0    port1   10G   Yes        
       0    port6   10G   Yes        
       0    port10  10G   Yes        
       0    port13  10G   Yes        
       1    port2   10G   Yes        
       1    port5   10G   Yes        
       1    port9   10G   Yes        
       1    port14  10G   Yes        
       2    port3   10G   Yes        
       2    port8   10G   Yes        
       2    port12  10G   Yes        
       2    port15  10G   Yes        
       3    port4   10G   Yes        
       3    port7   10G   Yes        
       3    port11  10G   Yes        
       3    port16  10G   Yes        
------ ---- ------- ----- ---------- 
np6_1  0    port17  10G   Yes        
       0    port21  10G   Yes        
       0    port25  10G   Yes        
       0    port29  10G   Yes        
       1    port18  10G   Yes        
       1    port22  10G   Yes        
       1    port26  10G   Yes        
       1    port30  10G   Yes        
       2    port19  10G   Yes        
       2    port23  10G   Yes        
       2    port27  10G   Yes        
       2    port31  10G   Yes        
       3    port20  10G   Yes        
       3    port24  10G   Yes        
       3    port28  10G   Yes        
       3    port32  10G   Yes        
------ ---- ------- ----- ----------