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Access profiles control which CLI commands an administrator account can access. Access profiles assign either read, write, or no access to each area of the FortiGate software. To view configurations, you must have read access. To make changes, you must have write access. So, depending on the account used to log in to the FortiGate unit, you may not have complete access to all CLI commands

Unlike other administrator accounts, the admin administrator account exists by default and cannot be deleted. The admin administrator account is similar to a root administrator account. This administrator account always has full permission to view and change all FortiGate configuration options, including viewing and changing all other administrator accounts. Its name and permissions cannot be changed. It is the only administrator account that can reset another administrator’s password without being required to enter that administrator’s existing password.

note icon Set a strong password for the adminadministrator account, and change the password regularly. By default, this administrator account has no password. Failure to maintain the password of the admin administrator account could compromise the security of your FortiGate unit.

For complete access to all commands, you must log in with the administrator account named admin.