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FortiView is a comprehensive monitoring system for your network that integrates real-time and historical data into a single view on your FortiGate. It can log and monitor threats to networks, filter data on multiple levels, keep track of administrative activity, and more.

FortiView allows you to use multiple filters within the consoles, enabling you to narrow your view to a specific time (up to 24 hours in the past), by user ID or local IP address, by application, and many more. For more on FortiView's filtering options, see Filtering options

FortiView can be used to investigate traffic activity, such as user uploads/downloads or videos watched on YouTube, on a network-wide, user group, and individual-user level, with information relayed in both text and visual format. FortiView makes it easy to get an actionable picture of your network's internet activity.

The degree to which information can be logged will depend on which FortiGate unit you have. For more information, see Enabling FortiView.