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The following table lists the USB modems currently supported by FortiExtender.The list of supported modems below depends on the modem database version and not on the version of FortiOS. They are listed in alphabetical order. You can also find the list in the FortiOS web-based interface.

Note: FEX-100A has an internal modem, and therefore doesn't support external USB modems.

To find the FortiExtender Modem list (FortiOS 5.4) - web-based manager:

  1. Go to System > Feature Select and enable FortiExtender.
  2. Go to Network > FortiExtender and select Configure Settings.
  3. Under Modem Settings, select [Supported Modems].
  4. Click the Update Now button to get the latest version of the Supported FortiGate Modems list.

  1. Verify that the version number has updated, and select Supported FortiExtender Modems.

They are listed in alphabetical order.

Vendor Model Network
A-Link 3GU 3G
Alcatel One Touch X020 3G
Alcatel One Touch X030 3G
Alcatel OT X220L 3G
Alcatel OT-X080C 3G
Alcatel OT-X220D 3G
Alcatel X060S 3G
Alcatel X200 3G
Alcatel X215S 3G
Alcatel-Lucent T930S 3G
Alcatel-sbell ASB TL 131 TD-LTE 3G
Axesstel MU130 3G
BandLuxe C120 3G
BandRich BandLuxe C170 3G
BandRich BandLuxe C270 3G
BandRich BandLuxe C339 3G
Beceem BCSM250 3G
C-motech CDU-680 3G
C-motech CDU-685a 3G
C-motech CGU-628 3G
C-motech CHU-628S 3G
C-motech CHU-629S 3G
C-motech D-50 3G
Celot CT-680 3G
Celot K-300 3G
Changhong CH690 3G
China TeleCom CBP7.0 3G
D-Link DWM-156 3G
D-Link DWM-162-US 3G
D-Link DWR-510 3G
Digicom 8E4455 3G
EpiValley SEC-7089 3G
Exiss Mobile E-190 series 3G
Franklin Wireless CGU-628A 3G
Franklin Wireless U210 3G
Franklin Wireless U600 3G
GW D301 3G
Haier CE 100 3G
Haier CE682 (EVDO) 3G
Huawei E1550 3G
Huawei E1612 3G
Huawei E169 3G
Huawei E1690 3G
Huawei E1692 3G
Huawei E171 3G
Huawei E173 3G
Huawei E1750 3G
Huawei E1762 3G
Huawei E177 3G
Huawei E180 3G
Huawei E1820 3G
Huawei E270+ 3G
Huawei E3251 3G
Huawei E3276s-151 3G
Huawei E352 3G
Huawei E353 3G
Huawei E355s-1 3G
Huawei E535 3G
Huawei E587 3G
Huawei E630 3G
Huawei EC156 3G
Huawei EC168C 3G
Huawei ET302 3G
Huawei ET8282 3G
Huawei GP02 3G
Huawei K3765 3G
Huawei K3770 3G
Huawei K3771 3G
Huawei K3772 3G
Huawei K4305 3G
Huawei K4505 3G
Huawei K4605 3G
Huawei R201 3G
Huawei U7510 3G
Huawei U7517 3G
Huawei U8110 3G
Huawei U8220 3G
Huawei U8300 3G
I-O Data WMX2-U Wimax 3G
JOA Telecom LM-700r 3G
KDDI (Huawei) HWD12 LTE 3G
Kyocera W06K 3G
LG AD600 3G
LG HDM-2100 3G
LG L-03D 3G
LG L-05A 3G
LG L-07A 3G
LG L-08C 3G
LG LDU-1900D 3G
LG LUU-2100TI (aka AT&T USBConnect Turbo) 3G
LG SD711 3G
Mediatek MT6229 3G
MediaTek MT6276M 3G
MediaTek Wimax USB Card 3G
Micromax MMX 300c 3G
MobiData MBD-200HU 3G
Netgear WNDA3200 3G
Netgear (Sierra Wireless) AC313U 3G
Netgear (Sierra Wireless) AC340U 3G
Netgear (Sierra Wireless) AC341U 3G
Novatel MC760 3G 3G
Novatel MC990D 3G
Novatel MC996D 3G
Novatel U727 3G
Novatel U760 3G
Novatel Wireless MC545 3G
Novatel Wireless Merlin XU950D 3G
Novatel Wireless Ovation 930D 3G
Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D HSUPA 3G
Novatel Wireless Ovation USB551L 3G
Novatel Wireless U679 Turbo Stick 3G
Olivetti Olicard 100 3G
Olivetti Olicard 145 3G
Onda MT503HS 3G
Onda MT505UP 3G
Onda MT8205 LTE 3G
Onda MW833UP 3G
Onda MW836UP-K 3G
Onda TM201 3G
Onda WM301 3G
Option Beemo 3G
Option GI0643 3G
Option Globetrotter 3G
Option GlobeTrotter GI1515 3G
Option iCon 461 3G
Option iCon 711 3G
Pantech P4200 LTE 3G
Pantech UML290 3G
Pantech UML295 3G
Pantech / UTStarcom UMW190 3G
Samsung GT-B1110 3G
Samsung GT-B3730 3G
Samsung SGH-Z810 3G
Samsung U209 3G
Sierra Wireless 313, 320U 3G
Sierra Wireless AirCard 880U 3G
Sierra Wireless AirCard 881U 3G
Sierra Wireless Compass 597 3G
Solomon S3Gm-660 3G
Sony Ericsson MD300 3G
Sony Ericsson MD400 3G
Sony Ericsson MD400G 3G
SpeedUp SU-8000U 3G
Toshiba G450 3G
TP-Link MA180 3G
TP-Link MA260 3G
UTStarcom UM175 3G
UTStarcom UM185E 3G
ZTE 6535-Z 3G
ZTE A371B 3G
ZTE AC2710 3G
ZTE AC2726 3G
ZTE AC581 3G
ZTE AC682 3G
ZTE AC8710 3G
ZTE AX226 WiMax 3G
ZTE K3520-Z 3G
ZTE K3565 3G
ZTE K3805-Z 3G
ZTE MF100 3G
ZTE MF110 3G
ZTE MF112 3G
ZTE MF190 3G
ZTE MF192 3G
ZTE MF196 3G
ZTE MF620 3G
ZTE MF622 3G
ZTE MF626 3G
ZTE MF628 3G
ZTE MF652 3G
ZTE MF669 3G
ZTE MF671 3G
ZTE MF680 3G
ZTE MF691 (T-Mobile Rocket 2.0) 3G
ZTE MF821 3G
ZTE MU351 3G

This table is a work-in-progress. Please contact if you have suggestions for improvements.